The designer Christine Martins was born in France (77130 Montereau-Fault-Yonne) in 1976.

She grew up and studied fashion in Paris, graduated and became certified in the most prestigious French fashion schools, thus opening doors to the world of fashion such as: CAP Matériaux Souple, BEP Matériaux Souple, DA Lectra Formation (Lectra Système) and the BAC Professionnel course.

After studying and certifying in the area, she made her debut working with prestigious Parisian names, Mine Baral Vergez (Costume, Théâtre, Cinéma), Infinitif (Prêt à Porter), NARAKAS (Robe de mariée), Daniel Hechter (Prêt à Porter) and the world-renowned designer Paco Rabanne (Haute Couture).

She returns to Portugal, Madeira island at the age of 21 years, the birthplace of her parents, since then she has been playing an active role in Madeiran fashion, attending personalized service to many female and male public, children for the most varied festivities or informal occasions, given this has also been developing projects of seasonal collections, two per year and presenting to the Madeiran public, events that covers various media both nationally and internationally.

In Madeira, she has been participating in numerous regional in individual and group events: Hotel Milea has prepared the spring / summer collection December 7, 2013, Solar Do Ribeirinho – (Machico) – spring / summer collection 2014, Camacha Fashion April 18, 2015, MAOS Festival held by Diário de Notícias, 3rd Edition of Moda Funchal, Madeira Fashion Designers, Machico Fashion Discoteca La Barca, Madeira Viva (Fashion Camacha interview), Verão Cá Dentro -RTP Madeira 2015 and Hotel Quinta do Lorde (Auton / inv collection 19 March 2016).

Given this, the stylist Christine Martins already has some projects for her future career, starting with the internationalization of her brand and concept, which can be followed in the social networks.