Eduardo Jorge, was born in Mozambique, but since the age of 7 he lives in Madeira, where he studied until completing his 12th year. He then went to college in Coimbra, studied law school, but soon began working with the fashion world, in the commercial direction of an agency in Lusa-Athens.

Shortly thereafter, he worked in the area of communication, marketing and image, first in the Academic Association of Coimbra, then in the world of football, in Académica de Coimbra, and finally in Coimbra City Hall.

He returned to Madeira in 2000 to work at ACIF-CCIM, then at ControlMedia, followed by Colorix. He opted for the corporate route in 2007, and created On Target, Advertising Agency, then the Madeira Digital Magazine in June 2012 and the HMP Fashion Agency in September 2014.

He organized several events related to Sports, Culture and in particular to the Fashion.