In 2007, at the age of 17, Joana Mendonça presented her first collection and began to take her first steps in the fashion world, she was part of some of the biggest events in the region as a young Fashion designer, in 2008 she was part of Moda Madeira as a young fashion designer.

In 2009 presented a collection in Lisbon at the Dolce Vita Tejo in a parade with the intention of choosing a model for the magazine “In people Magazine”, in 2010 was part of the event “New Breed” an initiative to promote artists from different areas in the region and Joana Mendonça was chosen to represent the fashion area, in 2011 presented, for the first time, a collection of wedding dresses in “Funchal Grooms”.

In 2015, she held a photoshoot in Melbourne, Australia along with many other initiatives over the years associated with Diário de Notícias, Jornal da Madeira, Vespart and other events of equal importance throughout the island of Madeira.

Joana Mendonça is currently studying Fashion Design in England.