The magazine MADEIRA DIGITAL is a digital, monthly and general
publication, which is available online, on the 1st of each month, on a
regular and consecutive basis, starting in June 2012. It is a project
dedicated to the promotion of Madeira Islands, in various sectors of
society, such as tourism, economy, politics, gastronomy, wine, fashion,
sports, culture, among others.
The editorial orientation that we follow is to assume as a magazine
exclusively in digital format, from Madeira, entirely focused on the
concept of publicizing what is most relevant in Madeira, in the several
areas mentioned above, but with a more intimate area, and that allows
the reader to interact with the magazine and its contents.
Madeira Digital intends to captivate specialy Madeira’s habitants and is
an important guide for all those who like to cultivate the art of so
called exquisite leisures, whether it’s a fun stroll, a good hotel stay,
an unforgettable meal of typical Madeira dishes , new coordinates in
fashion, an enriching cultural visit, an attentive economic analysis, a
captivating sports presentation, or a more attractive view of politics.
The Communication and Marketing Plan allows us to reach the target
audience with a very large dimension, which will certainly also be
important for advertisers, who even have interactive advertising.

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