Pedro Menezes was born on January 30, 1992 in the island of Porto Santo, Madeira, Portugal.

His digital communications career began at the age of 13, with a small video camera and a computer that he used primarily for schoolwork and landscape videos.

At the age of 14 he also began to explore the area of photography, where he won several regional competitions. At the age of 15, already with a professional camera, began to publish their works online, being one of the first to publish in video in High Definition in the internet. At the age of 16, he enrolled in a multimedia technician course at Cristovão Colombo Professional School.

Also at this age began to do photography in 360º, where he excelled and achieved the title of Specialist in the largest online community of this type of photography. In 2012, he started one of his most recognized projects, PortoSanto.TV, an online television channel dedicated to the island of Porto Santo, which was followed by thousands of people in more than 120 countries.

Later, he would found his own audiovisual production company. As part of this project, he created a live camera of the golden island, which stood out on an international website and won the award of one of the 10 best in the world. In 2015, he launched TV Ilhas, another online channel, with the purpose of expanding services to other islands.

In 2016, he launched a project to promote the island of Porto Santo, called Viva Porto Santo, which soon has a large online community, where it has a monthly audience of hundreds of thousands of people on social networks. At the end of 2016, he obtained a certificate in digital marketing recognized by Google. In 2017, he launched a new project on the island of Madeira called, which is a means of communication and dissemination of events, culture and traditions.

From 2012 until the present time he is also responsible for the management and maintenance of various websites and social networks of local companies. He also helped organize and promote various public and private events.

Essentially self-taught, he actively seeks every day to develop skills in all areas related to his passion that is multimedia communication.