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Artist Roger Castano

On his own words ‘With a degree in engineering & architecture, I have been able to connect the dots between technology and arts. Engineering, architecture is all about building something and so is an art.

As a result of my immersed interests in arts & creative accolade developed over the years, I established myself as a “renowned” artist. I am based in Chelsea, London but have my work overseas as well.

My style is UNORTHODOX! I am not the typical type of artist, from materials to completion. I have partnerships with a few brands. To mention, an International Designer brand for my wardrobe consult and styling and also a Media Channel with over 4 million viewers worldwide. My inspirations are my life experiences.

I am an adventurous person and I have found this has impacted my work over the years. I’m very proud to have showcased pieces at many art exhibitions and have sold to collectors from as far wide as the Middle East and currently still receiving praise and appreciation for it. I have recently signed on a management team who will be putting together my public pages but at the moment, you can stop by my website or in my Diamonds RCTD website (see below)

Tel: 07496 288620


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