Touchwood Boutique was conceived 32 years ago as a specialist retailer of asian ready-to-wear and made-to-measure garments.  
Designed in the UK by Fatima Dudhia and manufactured in India, the garments are meticulously crafted by a small team of practitioners, all of whom are highly skilled in the art of embroidery and tailoring.
Over the years, Touchwood has incorporated new elements into its offering, such as the wholly integrated _concept to product_ design service, whereby customers are able to consult on every stage on the design of their
garment, from the initial choice of fabric,  to the colours of the sequins on the final product.
This, coupled with the advice, expertise and experience that the founder, Fatima Dudhia, brings to the offering
has helped Touchwood Boutique to forge a reputation as one of leading
providers of Asian garments in the UK and internationally.
With customer service and quality standing as the two fundamental
foundations that the company has been built upon, it’s no surprise
that Fatima Dudhia was awarded a Lifetime Achievement award by Fashion
and Beauty awards in 2017